IT Organisation and Optimization

Consulting on IT industry approaches and questions

  • Cloud computing (private/public cloud) *
  • Use of managed services
  • Cost and use analyses
  • Optimization of IT capital expenditures and operating expenses
  • Experience with startups and global market leaders

Regulatory affairs, eCTD, GMP

Special expertise in:

  •  Storage (online, backup, long-term archiving)
  •  Computing techniques (elastic infrastructures, bio-informatics)
  •  Networks (dynamic broadband, pay per use, industry/value WANs)
  •  Security (unified threat management)


 * Cloud Computing or the “The Industrialization of IT”:

We advise organizations on both the technical and the economic aspects of IT Transformation and Rationalization, which we believe Cloud Computing really stands for.

We guide our customers through the stages of Assessing the Needs for the Design, Implementation and Sourcing of the individual IT as a Service Solution and manage the project from start to finish. We care for application and data migration to the Cloud and include a plan for the way back if needed. We create the Solution Design and the Business Impact Analysis including a qualified ROI projection, so that our customers can understand the expected outcome and base their decisions on facts.

We work with selected Managed Service Providers with a commitment to local presence and with a proven track record. We assist our customers to source managed IT services from providers that meet Service Level Agreement and Economic requirements for the individual project. By working in partnership with Managed Service Providers and selected Vendors, we recommend approaches for enabling Cloud Technologies, Products and Services that transform and connect on-premise IT with on-demand IT services provided by public, private, hybrid or community Cloud data center operators.