About Us

In 1999, the Munich InterConsulting AG founded the Munich InterConsulting Group to nurture the co-operation of independent legal and business consulting firms.  The Group supports international medium-sized enterprises with its strong network base in Munich’s metropolitan area.  The special mix of two top-notch universities (the Ludwig Maximilian’s University (LMU) and the Technical University of Munich (TUM)), various other local universities, the Max-Planck Institute and the Leibnitz Research Center,and many multinational enterprises is essential for guaranteeing the region’s technological and economic prosperity.  With an extensive contact base (including those in the Munich Biotech Cluster and various research and technology transfer centers), our partners at Munich InterConsulting AG and the Group provide our Clients with key interface connections for finding business opportunities and for solving their challenges, especially for simplifying the set up of operations in the greater Munich Area.    

The key element in our strengths is the interdisciplinary co-operation of business development managers, attorneys, tax advisors, chartered accountants, patent lawyers, and commercial experts who are focused on the IT, Life Sciences and CleanTech business sectors.  We analyze Client requests using a broad range of professional perspectives and are able to act very quickly in addressing the issues in a comprehensive manner and then in providing and implementing appropriate solutions.  

Also in the case of temporary vacancies, the Group can support its Clients with interim mid-level and senior management assistance as well as with support in Accounting and Controlling.