Munich InterConsulting AG is linked to:

•  BioM, www.bio-m.org; plus links on web-site

•  MBPW, www.mbpw.de

•  Bayerischer Cluster Biotechnologie www.biotech-bayern.de , u.a. http://www.bioregio-regensburg.de/

•  Contact base for Development and Technology Transfer (KFT) at the Ludwig

Maximilians University, Munich (LMU)

•  A3 Fraunhofer Venture Group www.fraunhofer.de

•  GründerRegio M e.V., www.gr-m.de

•  Student Initiative TEG - The Entrepreneurial Group (www.teg-ev.de), LMU

Entrepreneurship Center (www.entrepreneurship-center.lmu.de)

•  LMU Spin-off Service: Christoph Zinser, Ute Engels, Andreas Lotte Tel. 089 / 2180 -

72231, - 72232, - 72234 E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

•  Max Planck Innovations GmbH

•  Munich Network e.V., München, www.munichnetwork.com

•  Unternehmer TUM, Technical University of Munich www.unternehmertum.de

•  American German Business Club e.V., Munich Chapter, München, www.agbc.de

•  German American Business Association (GABA), Munich Group (affiliated with GABA organization in Silicon Valley), München, www.gaba-network.org

•  Amerika Haus Verein, München, www.amerikahausverein.de

•  Bayerisch-Amerikanisches Zentrum (BAZ) im Amerikahaus, München, www.amerikahaus.de